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This notebook/sketchbook contains images and short stories from the “On Hols with N & G” series. They are interspersed with blank pages for your input.
Available as an A5 limited edition hand-finished booklet.

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Whilst exploring a personal connection with spirit guides, angels and “N & G”, strange and wonderful experiences have occurred…

These experiences have inspired the stories in the “On Hols with N & G” series & can be found in a limited edition hand-finished booklet that doubles up as a noteboook/sketchbook. A few stories from the booklet below…


“Wookey Hole”

(This story is about our hols. whilst staying at Wookey Hole. We went on a very slippery walk which felt similar to a slippery situation with some very knowledgeable campers who invited us to join them in their jubilee celebration quiz. There was also a very quirky club there that played Madness & Led Zeppelin etc. & just had to have a dance of course!) 

“Wookey Hole, what secrets do you hold?”

“Look through the hole in the flower head. What do you see? The walk or maybe the slide? Slide through the hole in the day. Slip and slide into the dark and join the club. Which club I hear you ask? Join in with the madness, dance in celebration and look out for questions.”

“Where are the questions? What is the question? What is in the question? What is in the answer?”

Oh, I have seen the questions. They have hats on. The questions are difficult and all about the hats…I just do not know the answers. I want to disappear down a hole…Oh, but os course, I’m in a hole…Wookey Hole…through the hole in the flower head…so maybe it doesn’t matter…

The questions in the hats don’t care…it is taking part in the journey that counts. A prize for everyone. Chocolate money for all…



She sells sea shells…does she sell shall”s?

“I can not quite hear your story…whisper a little louder…from one ‘shell-like’ to another.”

I can start to hear the story…it’s written in the wall…the shells are in the wall…the story is in the wall…the stories are in the shells in the wall…are they off the wall? Can I release the stories in the shells…can I release the shells…maybe I can release the shall’s…

“Yes” the shells whisper…”you shall.”

I realise I have entered their magical world…they are telling me of adventures…of past magic…of future magic…of magic that knows no bounds of time…the magic of imagination…the magic of life…the magic of shall’s…shall I?…I think I shall…



(This story is about being on our anniversary holidays & a combination of strange things that happened, including becoming very lost, meeting a very strange musician, discovering partridge at a restaurant in a butcher’s shop & a very special tree. )

The tree, the partridge…& where’s the musician?

No communication…maybe we can go to the ancient place of worship…just one space left…the partridge is on the table. The table is in the tree, but where is the musician?

We go to the cave at the ancient place of worship. As if by magic, the musician suddenly appears.

“Can you help us? We know you are there”

He talks of nothing. No communication, he just makes random noises at this worshipping place, but to him they have hidden meanings. He seems unaware of our presence. He does not know about the one space which is left…nor the partridge on the table in the tree. Oh, but we do!!!…Happy anniversary!!!…


What’s the question again? Who cares…join the club!!…


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