Eye on Chicken


This artwork is part of the Chicken Story series. Hand-rendered monoprint.
Unframed original available (roughly 400mm x 570mm).
You can also purchase it in a limited edition print.
Limited edition prints features:
Available in various sizes.
Printed onto fine art paper, these Giclee prints are high quality, using archival inks. Giclee prints are widely recognised and accepted by art buyers, galleries and museums because of their quality and longevity. Please contact to discuss any specific requirements.

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Chicken Story…

What came first, the chicken or the egg…that age old question… The rock existed before this chicken…or did it? Anyway, this story assumes that the rock was there first…one enormous crack could be heard in the rock and out popped the chicken and it’s egg at the same time. The chicken felt so pleased to be born that it felt like having a mischievous and fun time… a perfect chicken full of the joys of spring…a spring chicken…but from perfect beginnings, a bit of an identity crisis and strange happenings occur…

What is  a Monoprint?

Monoprint uses the word mono because every print is unique. There are many ways to create monoprints, but I use the following technique for most of mine: These pieces of original artwork are created by applying coloured oil-based etching inks onto three plastic sheets, each with one primary colour. The image is worked directly into the ink and not the plastic sheet, by wiping & dabbing the ink. Each colour is then overprinted onto paper, using a press that is similar to a mangle, therefore an original one-off piece of artwork is created. The monoprinting process that I use is a lengthy process & at the end of the process, I risk all to push the print to the next level.


Original, A4, A3, A2, A1


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