One-day Weekend Workshops

PORTRAIT, LIFE DRAWING and occasional other workshops

These one-day art workshops take place in Bexhill (East Sussex) and are suitable for beginners to those more advanced. Tuition is also available if required, including step by step guidance.

For the Portrait workshops, you can choose to work from the model, or from a photo.
Re the Portrait workshops, if it says there are no spaces available, you can request to be put onto a reserve list to be contacted if a last minute sapce becomes available. 
A photo to work from can be provided if requested, or you can work on a photo of your choice, but please ensure you can see the detail clearly in the photo.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


"These classes are great fun with lots of ideas to inspire us. People of all abilities come and there is plenty of help available."

Sarah’s student